Nigerian Rice and Spaghetti Recipes

Nigerian Rice Recipes include: Nigerian Rice and Stew, Jollof Rice, Fried Rice, Coconut Rice. Learn how to cook these popular Nigerian Rice Recipes.

Rice is one of the most common staple foods in Nigeria. Most families eat a rice dish at least twice a week, either for lunch or for dinner.

We have two ways of cooking rice in Nigeria: White, served with stew or sauce and Jollof which is where the ingredients are added into and cooked with the rice (one-pot rice recipes).

We use the long grain parboiled white rice also known as American rice to cook Nigerian rice recipes especially the rice recipes where the ingredients are added into the rice. If you use any other type of rice with the cooking directions detailed on this site, your Nigerian rice recipes may not turn out well. It is OK to use any type of rice when cooking white rice where the sauce or stew is separate from the rice. There is a recipe for using basmati rice to prepare jollof rice recipes.

Rice can also be boiled and mashed to get a fufu meal that we eat with Nigerian soups.

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Egg Fried Rice

Wow yourself this weekend with this quick and delicious rice meal.

Nigerian Rice Accessories and Side Dishes

Nigerian Rice accessories are all the side dishes that go well with Nigerian Rice dishes: Moi Moi, Fried Plantains etc.

Coconut Spaghetti Jollof

This is a tropical exotic way to enjoy spaghetti.

Breakfast Milky Rice (Milk Rice Pudding)

Milky Rice is a great addition to your breakfast meals and a new way to revamp that leftover boiled white rice.

Leafy Jollof Rice

This is a special way to spice up the classic Jollof Rice with leafy vegetables.

Jollof Stuffed Chicken

Serve Jollof Rice in a different way during special occasions.

Cabbage Fried Rice

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Boiled White Coconut Rice

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Beef Mince Jollof Rice

Beef Mince Jollof Rice is the tasty version of Nigerian Jollof Rice prepared with minced beef. A great way to get kids to eat more beef without even knowing it!

Banga Rice

Banga Rice is one of the traditional Nigerian rice recipes, it is prepared with palm fruit concentrate.

Nigerian Rice and Stew

The Nigerian Rice and Stew recipe gives you a wide range of choices. Just cook white rice and eat it with Nigerian Stew, Vegetable Sauce, Pepper Soup or even with something as far-fetched as Egusi Soup!

Turmeric Rice a.k.a Yellow Rice

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Tropical Fried Rice

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Sinasir (Rice Pancakes)

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Rice Pancakes (Sinasir)

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How to cook Nigerian Jollof Rice with Basmati Rice

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Nigerian Jollof Rice with Mixed Vegetables

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Nigerian Concoction Rice

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Spaghetti Surprise

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How to Cook Nigerian Rice and Beans

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White Coconut Rice

Which is your favourite? The White Coconut Rice or the Jollof Coconut Rice?

Nigerian Coconut Rice Recipe

Also known as the Jollof Rice with a twist! Try the coconut rice recipe and find out for yourself.

Nigerian Fried Rice (Classic)

The Nigerian Fried Rice tops the menu at eateries, during special occasions, big parties and events.

Nigerian Fried Rice

Here’s another way that I prepare Nigerian Fried Rice. It’s a bit different from the classic Nigerian Fried Rice ingredients and it’s delicious!

How to cook Nigerian Jollof Rice

We cannot talk about Nigerian food recipes without mentioning the popular Jollof rice, can we? Find out how to make the best Nigerian Jollof rice recipe.