Prepare Nigerian Fried Rice with 5 Ingredients

nigerian fried rice with 5 ingredients

Nigerian Fried Rice

The Nigerian Fried Rice images you will see online these days are competing to outshine each other. There’s nothing that people do not add to Nigerian Fried Rice these days. All in the quest to get the most appetizing and delicious dish. But you do not need all those ingredients to prepare an appetizing and delicious Nigerian Fried Rice. Just take a look at that Fried Rice up there. All I used were only 5 ingredients!

Click here for the Nigerian Fried Rice that was prepared with a lot more ingredients. And click here for why I am doing this challenge of preparing Nigerian meals with only 5 ingredients.

How to prepare Nigerian Fried Rice with only 5 ingredients [Video]

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Nigerian Fried Rice Ingredients

As with these 5 ingredients recipes, I do not count the following:

  • The main ingredient, in this case rice
  • Salt
  • Water

The 5 ingredients:

  • Chicken (hard chicken or hen)
  • Nigerian Curry Powder
  • Seasoning cubes
  • Onions
  • Mixed vegetables (carrots, sweet pepper and green peas)

Notes on the Ingredients

  1. Nigerian curry powder is not spicy like the Indian curry powder. Its job is to give the Nigerian Fried Rice its classic colour.
  2. Hard chicken is tastier than rooster. Use it for maximum flavour.
  3. I used beef flavour seasoning cubes even though I am cooking with chicken because it packs more flavour than chicken flavoured seasoning cubes.

The following is/are the ingredient(s) I missed when I tasted the meal.

  • None!

This Fried Rice tasted so umbelieveable good. Yum! I thought I would miss liver (diced) like I normally add to the full option Fried Rice but I did not.

This recipe is better seen in the video than explained in writing, watch below: