Weight Gain Guide eBook

weight gain guide book“I eat everything but cannot gain weight.”

“We are skinny in my family so weight gain is not possible for me.”

Before you say any of the above, have you eaten the right foods consistently? With the right foods, you can rewrite body size genetics. When it comes to horizontal body size, we are what we eat and once a human being is born, that human’s size from that point on depends largely on what the person eats.

Once there are no underlying medical challenges that affect body size, you can eat your way to a fuller body you love. Throw in the right workouts and you will get muscular too.

With the Weight Gain Guide eBook, you will get:

  • A sample meal plan.
  • Tips on how to gain weight.
  • How to remain consistent in your weight gain journey.
  • A guide on healthy foods that will help you gain weight.
  • 11 healthy high calorie smoothies (with video demos) that you can add to your diet.

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weight gain guide book

Some Smoothies You Will Enjoy!

Weight gain is a lifestyle. It’s not magic, there’s no special pill or tea to drink to gain weight. This book is a special guide towards the right foods to eat and how to form the habit of eating these regularly to gain a fuller body you will love.

The Weight Gain Guide eBook is for you if:

  • You need motivation to eat.
  • You want to gain weight in a healthy way.
  • You want to improve your appetite for food.
  • You want to know why you are not gaining weight.

The Weight Gain Guide eBook is NOT for you if:

  • You absolutely do not like eating.
  • You are a child under 13 years of age.
  • You are on a special diet such as vegan, vegetarian, ketogenic diets etc.
  • You have pre-existing health challenges that require a specific diet such as diabetes, hypertension etc.
  • You want to only gain weight in specific parts of your body. The information in this book will help you gain weight all over your body.

The information the Weight Gain Guide eBook MAY not work for you if:

  • You are above 40 years of age.
  • You are addicted to smoking and alcohol.
  • You have pre-existing health challenges that affect body size.

The Weight Gain Guide eBook is a digital book in PDF format. This means that it will be sent to your email address and you will download it to an electronic gadget: laptop, PC, tablet or smart phone before you can use it. Physical, printed copies of this book are NOT available.

How much is the Weight Gain Guide eBook?

₦7,850 (Seven Thousand Eight Hundred and Fifty Naira) payable by bank transfer, SSID and Cards from all over the world. If you are purchasing from outside Nigeria, be sure to toggle the currency to your card’s currency (USD, GPB, EUR etc) at the top right of the purchase page before adding to cart.

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