Nigerian Kids Recipes

Kids meals can be challenging to choose and prepare especially when the young ones in your life are picky.

Here, you will find kid-friendly and easy recipes for the young ones in your life. Try these kids recipes which include breakfast, lunch and dinner meal ideas.

Also, watch our day to day vlogs below where I share the meals my kids eat:

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Okra Soup (Kiddies Style)

There is no better soup to start the kids off on swallow meals than the Okro Soup. This one has definitely got the kids’ approval.

Oatcakes (Kids Recipe)

This is a great way to sneak some oats into your kids’ meals.

Kids Noodles

You may be preparing noodles all your life but there are more ways to make your kids love this popular food even more.

Meaty Sweet Potato (Kids Recipe)

Mix and match meal that uses your kids’ favourite vegetables. Adults enjoy this too!

Fruit Lollipops (Fruit Lollies)

Time to make some kids happy with these healthy treats. You’ll love it too!

Kids Vegetable Puree

Find out the best way to start your babies early on vegetables. It is a recipe you can’t afford to miss!