Nigerian Snacks Recipes

Nigerian Snacks recipes include: Puff Puff, Nigerian Meat Pie, Chin Chin, Buns, Coconut Candy, Doughnuts, Fish Roll and many more.

Nigerian snacks are either baked, deep-fried or roasted. You can prepare all the Nigerian snacks recipes on this page in the comfort of your home so what are you still waiting for?

Do you prefer videos? Then watch all the Nigerian snacks recipes videos here.

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Latest Snacks Videos on All Nigerian Recipes

Festive Meat Pie for the Season

Festive Meat Pie for you and your family and friends.

Make Nigerian Meat Pie with a Frying Pan | Meat Pie Without an Oven

No more barriers to making Nigerian Meat Pie!

How to Bake a Cake Without an Oven

Easy Quick cakes in 20 minutes max with equipment you already have at home.

Igbotic Pie Made with Beans and Plantains

Let’s take this pie business traditional, shall we?

Nigerian Fish Pie

The easiest and one of the tastiest Nigerian snacks

How to Make Nigerian Meat Pie with Oat Flour

Healthy Nigerian Meat Pie made with 100% Oat Flour

How to Make Meat Pie without an Oven

How to Bake Meat Pies without an Oven.

Meat Pie in a Sandwich Toaster

Make quick, easy and delicious Meat Pies in a Sandwich Toaster.

Vegan Meat Pies

Vegan Meat Pie complete with Vegan Beef Mince is a great one to try.

4 Tortilla Wraps You will Love

Delicious, appetizing Tortilla Wrap recipes that will have you asking for more.

Beef Kebabs with Fresh Veggies

Beef Kebabs that still have fresh vegetables after cooking in the oven.

Savoury Hot Cross Meat Pies for Easter

Special Nigerian Meat Pies to light up your Easter.

How to Cut Chin Chin Super-Fast

When you have a lot of helping hands, cutting Nigerian Chin Chin is a breeze.

How to Make Agidi Jollof from Scratch

Agidi Jollof that does not contain soft chewable, suckable bone is that one Agidi Jollof? No way!

Banana Bread (Decadent Banana Bread)

This decadent banana bread is so good that once you start eating, you can't stop. Go on, you know you want to make some.

Peppered Puff Puff

Peppered Puff Puff brings some hot and spicy zing to the spongy Nigerian Puff Puff. Click to see how to prepare it.

Boiled Groundnuts (Boiled Peanuts)

Boiled Peanuts is a seasonal snack in Nigeria. Very easy to prepare if you have access to boiled peanuts (groundnuts) where you live.

How to Make Bobozi (Wet Cassava Chips)

Find out why this snack is also known as Air Condition. The best Nigerian snack for hot days!

Beef Skewers (Stick Meat)

If you want something close to Nigerian Suya and easy to make, try Beef Skewers.

Nigerian Agidi Jollof

Nigerian Agidi Jollof with its trademark soft bone (okpukpu agidi) makes a great snack and an exciting light lunch/dinner.

Plantain Chips

This crunchy snack is one of the most popular street foods in Lagos, Nigeria because it helps you munch away the time spent in Lagos gridlocks.

Nigerian Fish Roll

Nigerian Fish Roll is a deep fried version of Nigerian Meat Pie with a fish filling. This is the Nigerian snack you should go for if you want to eat meat pie but you do not have an oven.

Kilishi (Nigerian Beef Jerky)

Kilishi is another special gift from Northern Nigeria to Nigerian gastronomy. Learn how to make Kilishi in your own kitchen.

Hot Cross Meat Pies (Easter Recipe)

Hot Cross Meat Pies are revamped Nigerian Meat Pies so you can celebrate Easter with a snack made with the season in mind.

Fruit Skewers or Fruit Kebab

An exciting way to enjoy fruits! Kids love it too. 🙂

Nigerian Meat Pie Recipe

If you need a Nigerian snack with no added sugar, the Nigerian Meat Pie should be your number one choice. Savoury and delicious!

Chicken Pie Recipe

Now you can enjoy making those delicious eatery Chicken Pies in your home.

How to Make Nigerian Coconut Candy

You are sure to fall in love with this tasty Nigerian snack even if you don’t have a sweet tooth.

Shawarma: Chicken Shawarma

Make and enjoy this Lebanese import that we have taken and made it our own. So yummy!

Easiest Nigerian Chin Chin Recipe

This the easiest Nigerian Chin Chin recipe ever! Includes how to cut Nigerian Chin Chin fast.

Nigerian Suya Recipe

Nigerian Suya is the most popular Nigerian street snack. You too can become a professional Mai Suya after reading this. Learn how to make Suya in your own home.

Coated Peanuts, Peanut Burger

Call it Coated Peanuts, call it Peanut Burger, here’s how to make your own crunchy peanuts.

Club Sandwich, Nigerian Style

You want to make this Naija-style Club Sandwich right after reading the recipe.

Easiest Nigerian Puff Puff Recipe

Is making Nigerian Puff Puff still a huge challenge to you? I have a permanent solution for you.

Nigerian Sausage Rolls

Learn how to make the tastiest Sausage Rolls that do not leave an after-taste of sausages in your mouth.

How to make Doughnuts (Donuts)

This is the recipe for that perfect golden doughnuts, not the pale ones.

Recipe for Nigerian Egg Roll

Puff Puff on the outside, hard-boiled egg on the inside. It must be delicious!

How to make Nigerian Buns

The is the less oily but denser sister to Nigerian Puff Puff. If you want something less oily, try the Nigerian Buns.

Nigerian Chin Chin

Munch till your chins ache with the Nigerian Chin Chin. You should always have this Nigerian snack in your home!

Nigerian Pancake or Diet

Nigerian Pancake a.k.a. Diet is the delicious thin snack that is really a Balanced Diet! Find out why.

How to Make Nigerian Puff Puff

Nigeria’s own Puff Puff is so tasty and easy on the mouth, you won’t want to stop. This Nigerian snack is known for its high oil content but it is so yummy!