Nigerian Beans Recipes

These recipes though called beans recipes include all recipes prepared with food ingredients in the legume family of foods.

Black-Eyed or Brown beans are rich in high quality protein which provides a healthy alternative to meat and other animal protein. They are also rich in soluble fiber which helps lower blood cholesterol. This makes beans a must-have staple in Nigerian dishes. Still, beans is not a very popular food item because it is associated with flatulence and indigestion.

The following are beans recipes that implement some cooking methods that will help eliminate the discomfort associated with beans to ensure that this staple stays in your family menu.

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Tastiest Nigerian Moi Moi Recipe

The best Nigerian Moi Moi ever with a secret ingredient.

The BEST Way to Cook Ukwa, My Favourite Way Anyway

The most basic yet delicious way to prepare Ukwa.

Moist Beans Porridge that Melts in the Mouth

The most delicious way to prepare beans porridge.

Breadfruit: The Nigerian Food That people Fight for at Igbo Traditional Events

You are not a special guest if they don’t serve you this meal at a traditional event.

How to Cook Nigerian Moi Moi with Pouch (Aluminium Foil Pouch)

Nigerian Moi Moi Cooked with Aluminium Foil Pouches

How to Make Moi Moi with Tins

Tinned Moi Moi: A Blast from the Past!

Beans & Corn (Adalu, Beancor, Tchaka, To Match)

Beans & Corn (Adalu, Beancor, Tchaka) is the meal of the season. Grab it!

Prepare Nigerian Moi Moi with 5 Ingredients

For me, all you need to add to your Moi Moi is nutmeg and peppers to colour it, everything else is jara. So I do not understand all these Nigerian Moi Moi prepared with lots of ingredients.

Baked Nigerian Moi Moi

See how I get cute cup-sized Nigerian Moi Moi that kids and your guests would love.

White Moi Moi (Ekuru)

This Yoruba delicacy is another version of Nigerian Moi Moi that is suitable for vegetarians.

Peeled Beans Porridge

This beans recipe is perfect for babies and those who crave Breadfruit Porridge but can’t buy breadfruit where they live.

Lentils Porridge

Lentil is a super food that diabetics can enjoy. See how to cook lentils for Nigerian taste buds.

Jacket Moi Moi

Another way to wrap Nigerian Moi Moi. For those who are challenged by other methods of wrapping Moi Moi.

Nigerian Dan Wake

Dan Wake (Beans Dumplings) is a Northern Nigerian recipe. See how to get tasty results with this traditional meal.

Chickpea Moi Moi

Yes, you can use chickpea, garbanzo beans or simply garbanzo in Spanish to make Nigerian Moi Moi!

Nigerian Fried Beans

It is not only rice that we fry ;D, we fry beans too. Check out the Nigerian Fried Beans recipe, another great way to enjoy beans.

African Breadfruit (Ukwa)

Ukwa, Breadfruit or Treculia africana is in a food class of its own and very delicious!

Nigerian Moi Moi with Beans Flour

Cooking Nigerian Moi Moi with beans flour can be challenging. Here's how to prepare it.

How to Cook Ewa Agoyin

Eat Ewa Agoyin with a soft, stretchy bread and you'll probably sell your cooker and buy beans with the money. 🙂

Nigerian Okpa, Okpa di Oku, Okpa Wawa

Okpa has a natural delicious flavour, you'll be asking for trouble if you add unnecessary ingredients to it.

Nigerian Beans Porridge

This recipe, rich in nutrients, should never be left out of family menus.

Nigerian Moi Moi

This is a popular beans recipe even for those who do not like beans for several reasons. It is so loved that you will always see it at parties and special dinners.