Nigerian Hausa Recipes

On this page, you will find a list of Nigerian recipes that are specifically traditional Hausa recipes.
The following video shows the meals prepared in the Hausa tribe of Nigeria. If you are looking for a meal to prepare for a Hausa man or woman, scroll down and choose from the recipes listed below.

Dan Wake

Dan Wake (Beans Dumplings) is a Northern Nigerian recipe. See how to get tasty results with this traditional meal.

Kunun Gyada

Kunun Gyada, a northern Nigerian gruel is my go to comfort drink. It is a great addition to your breakfast too.

Groundnut Milk (Peanut Milk)

Get all the nutritional benefits of groundnuts (peanuts) without chewing. So refreshing!

Plantain Mosa (Plan-cakes)

This version of Plantain Mosa is also prepared with overripe plantains. Find out what makes them different from Plantain Puffs.

Plantain Mosa (Plantain Puffs)

Plantain Mosa is another Nigerian snack prepared with overripe plantains. It is Nigerian Puff Puff with a twist.

Nigerian Chicken Suya

Take your grilled chicken to the next level with the Nigerian Suya Pepper.

Kankaran Tsamiya (Frozen Tamarind Juice)

The Northern Nigerian licky-lucky for a cold day. You can call it traditional lollipop.

Nigerian Shuku Shuku

A perfect Nigerian snack and dessert made from coconuts.

Nigerian Aphrodisiac

The Nigerian jigijigi compliant drink that every couple should be drinking. 18+

Soya Milk

Soya Milk is a refreshing rich drink, a plant based source of milk that can replace cow milk on your breakfast table.

Tiger Nuts Milk (Kunun Aya)

Made from Aya, Aki Awusa, Ofio, Isip Isong. So delicious, you don't want to drink any other thing after tasting this!

Nigerian Zobo Drink

A natural drink made from dry zobo (roselle plant) flowers.

How to make Tuwo Shinkafa

If you want a soft Nigerian fufu meal, Tuwo Shinkafa makes a great choice!

Sinasir (Rice Pancakes)

A Northern Nigerian (Hausa) rice delicacy. Serves as a great snack or meal.

Kilishi (Nigerian Beef Jerky)

Kilishi is another special gift from Northern Nigeria to Nigerian gastronomy. Learn how to make Kilishi in your own kitchen.

Nigerian Suya

Nigerian Suya is the most popular Nigerian street snack. You too can become a professional Mai Suya after reading this 😉 Learn how to make Suya in your own home.

How to make Suya Spice (Suya Pepper)

Learn how to make suya spice like the suya gurus of Nigeria.

Miyan Kuka

This Northern Nigerian baobab leaves soup will leave you wondering where you have been and why you have never tried this soup.

Groundnut Soup (Peanut Soup)

If you can't prepare Egusi Soup where you live, Groundnut Soup is the next Nigerian soup to go for.