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My knowledge of cooking started from a very young age and this website is where I share all the cooking skills I acquired from my Mum and all the aunties and cousins that are great Nigerian cooks. I also share my unique scientific approach to cooking that I developed over the years.

I was lucky to grow up around good cooks: Mum being the head chef … lol! When I was very young, I used to help Mum cook. She would tell me to prepare all the ingredients for her cooking: pound this, grind that, wash this, cut that, pick vegetables etc. I would prepare these ingredients, put them in bowls and line them up on the kitchen table for her to use.

By the time I was about 12, I was already cooking under her supervision. So my tasks no longer ended with preparing the food ingredients. Mum would "balance" in the living room and tell me what to add and when to add it.

And Mum loves to feed the crowd so there's always some kind of cooking going on.

I am Igbo so naturally, I know mostly how to cook Nigerian meals from the Igbo tribe of Eastern Nigeria. But I have picked up recipes from other parts of Nigeria too from my travels to the North and stays in Port Harcourt and Lagos. And by simply paying attention when people around me cook stuff. 🙂

Most of the recipes detailed on this website originate from Nigeria but anybody, irrespective of their country of origin, can prepare and enjoy them. I include some world recipes that I have picked up while travelling the world which I know that Nigerian food lovers will enjoy.

Are you searching for that Nigerian food recipe for a meal you have always wondered how it was prepared? Or you are here because you have a party coming up and you need ideas on what food to prepare? No? Alright you are married to a man from another tribe and you need to get some training ASAP in that region's gastronomy! Or even a foreigner interested in the rich Nigerian culture or married to a Nigerian and you need to learn how to cook some exotic foods from Nigeria.

If your wife is working a bit late today you can surprise her with a dinner chosen from one of the easy fast dinner recipes. It's the boys food weekend and it is your turn to cook for your bachelor friends and you definitely want to impress …

If your answer is yes to any of the above then Congratulations! because you are at the right place. This site explains recipes that are totally Nigerian, discusses Nigerian food recipes and gives free cooking advice in the language you will understand. The ingredients stated here are easily available in local Nigerian food markets and in African food shops in major cities around the world. So no more excuses for not cooking these meals … it's time to chop up!

I target mainly newbies to the world of Nigerian cuisine and I especially have our non-Nigerian wives/husbands/girlfriends/boyfriends in mind when writing the recipes or making the videos because I know that they may never have seen these foods before and they are trying so hard to cook these home foods for our dear brothers and sisters.

So for all the professional Nigerian cooks out there, be warned that most of the cooking directions are very detailed, sometimes too pacifying. 🙂 But there is always something for everybody here. So even if you are an expert in cooking Nigerian dishes, you may pick up one tip or two. So, read on. And feel free to contact me if I miss anything or if you have specific questions about a recipe.

So how did this website start? Sometime in 2010, I decided to change my career from my globetrotting job (see No. 2 below) and become a webmaster close to home, preferably in the city where I live. I decided to improve my web coding skills so I created this website from scratch while catching up on the latest in coding. For completeness, I put up a few Nigerian recipes because they were the only information I had at hand then. People started discovering the recipes via Google and word of mouth. I got lots of questions about the recipes, requests for more recipes and many more. That's how this site grew and has continued to grow.

It may surprise you to learn that till today, I still have not left my globetrotting job (though I have greatly reduced my work schedule), I never became a webmaster in the sense I wanted to LOL. But one thing is for sure, I feed my passion for web codes by getting a great dose of web coding while constantly updating this website and mentoring other people as they start their own blogs and websites. These give me great joy!

Enjoy the recipes and send me an e-mail to make a request for any that you can't find on the site. Once it is something that I can cook/prepare, whose ingredients I can buy where I live or can be sent to me from Nigeria, I'll prepare it, take pictures, upload the recipe and even make a video. I receive lots of requests and may sometimes need to wait till I travel to Nigeria to prepare some of these meals so please be patient with me while I slowly update the site at my own pace ♥ ♥ Thank you!

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Happy Cooking!


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