Nigerian Igbo Recipes

On this page, you will find a list of Nigerian recipes that are specifically traditional Igbo recipes.

The following video shows the meals prepared in the Igbo tribe of Nigeria. If you are looking for a meal to prepare for an Igbo man or woman, scroll down and choose from the recipes listed below.

Achicha Ede (Echicha Ede)

One of the most traditional meals in Igboland. Enjoy!

Yam Pepper Soup

Let's take assorted meat peppersoup from appetizer level to main course level.

Nigerian Okpa (Okpa 9th Mile)

Okpa has a natural delicious flavour, you'll be asking for trouble if you add unnecessary ingredients to it.

Nigerian Breadfruit Porridge (Ukwa)

Ukwa, Breadfruit or Treculia africana is in a food class of its own and very delicious!

Plantain Moi Moi (Ukpo Ogede)

Don't throw away that over-ripe plantain yet! Because it can be reborn in this mouth-watering plantain recipe.

How to Make Agidi / Eko

Agidi is like jell-o made from wet corn flour. It is the perfect match for Nigerian Pepper Soup and Akara.

Bitterleaf Soup

The Igbos from eastern Nigeria will tell you that this is their favorite soup in the world. Cocoyam is the thickener in this soup.

Ora (Oha) Soup

Change the vegetable in Bitterleaf soup to get Ora soup. But keep the cocoyam thickener.

How to Cook Cassava Fufu (Akpu)

Cassava Fufu is seen as the most traditional of all Nigerian fufu meals. Most current generation babies do not even know what it is.

How to Extract Cassava Fufu from Cassava Tubers

Click through to see how to process Cassava Fufu from cassava tubers (yuca). You can do this in any country where you can buy cassava tubers.

Abacha (the Full Option Version)

See how I make the full option abacha that contains all the ingredients.

Ugba (Spicy Shredded Oil Bean)

Ugba is the Nigerian restaurant special that will help you repossess your possession! If you learn how to make this, it will help bring back your Igbo other half from Mama Ngozi's restaurant.

Abacha & Ugba (African Salad)

Here's the traditional version of the leafy recipe, Nigeria's African Salad.

Nigerian Isiewu: Spicy Goat Head

How many mortars of Isi Ewu can you finish? Find out! 🙂

Nkwobi (Spicy Cow Foot)

You don't have to wait to be taken out to a special restaurant to enjoy your next Nkwobi.

Nigerian Agidi Jollof

Nigerian Agidi Jollof with its trademark soft bone (okpukpu agidi) makes a great snack and an exciting lunch/dinner.

Bobozee (Abacha Mmiri)

Find out why this snack is also known as Air Condition. The best Nigerian snack for hot days!

Quaker Oats as Alternative to Cocoyam in Nigerian Soups

By far the best alternative to cocoyam in Bitterleaf Soup and Ora Soup. Same look, same taste and it is healthy too!

Ofe Ugba

Ofe Ugba, native to Imo and Abia states of Nigeria is simply Okra Soup cooked with shredded oil beans but tastes so different.

Ofe Achara (with Akpuruakpu Egusi, Mgbam)

The most traditional way to cook Egusi Soup.

Ogbono Soup with Okra

Yes, you can add okra to Ogbono Soup. Learn how to add more green vegetables to your Ogbono Soup.

Nsala or White Soup

Love catfish? Nsala soup is one of the easiest Nigerian soup recipes to prepare.

Garden Egg Sauce

The perfect sauce for boiled white yam and boiled unripe plantains!

Ofe Akwu (Banga Stew)

See how to cook the Igbo traditional stew: Ofe Akwu (Banga Stew) with tinned banga.

Yam Porridge with Bitterleaf

Traditional Igbo men and women can relate to this classic dish. It's like enjoying Bitterleaf Soup without the swallow.

Ji Mmanu (Palm Oil Yam – Special Edition)

This is the normal Ji Mmanu you know, it has been pimped up for special occasions.

Yam and Vegetable Sauce (Ji Abubo)

Ji Abubo is one of the most traditional Igbo delicacies. Enjoy!

Yam and Vegetable

This recipe, rich in vitamins, lets you experiment with different leafy vegetables.

Yam Porridge

You need a tasty yam recipe in no time? This is for you!