Nigerian Cooking Tips and Tasks reserves this section solely for the description of certain tasks that are crucial to preparing Nigerian food recipes. Many cooks can easily prepare some recipes but are discouraged because they are not familiar with a certain stage in the cooking process.

For instance, some people have complained that because they only have access to dry bitter leaves, their bitterleaf soup does not taste good. Whatever they do, the bitterleaf is still dry to the bite and makes the soup inedible. The article: How to convert dry bitterleaf to fresh details the procedure you need to follow to make your dry bitter leaves as good as fresh.

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Epic Nigerian Food Ingredients Prep

With food prep you can cut down your cooking time by 70%.

Heavy Food Prep

Heavy Food Prep: a necessary kitchen task that I love to hate.

How to Make Juicy Meat Balls Without Breadcrumbs

Juicy Meat Balls for your Meat Ball Stew and Spaghetti Recipes

Food Prep After a Visit to the Market

Beef and Chicken Food Prep

Easiest Way to Peel Beans

This is how Nigerian caterers save hours and hours peeling beans for Nigerian recipes.

Stop Saving Stock! Here’s How to Do it Right

How to make beef stock and chicken stock that you actually use.

How to Meal Prep like a Boss

When was the last time you meal pepped like this?

Can I Make Akamu/Ogi with Popcorn?

Are you wondering if it is possible to use popcorn to make akamu/ogi? You need to see this experiment.

How to Make Akamu/Ogi from Scratch

Learn how to process your own yellow or white Nigerian Akamu (Ogi or Pap) from scratch.

Homemade Stock Cubes (Bouillon Cubes)

Those who are intolerant to MSG (Monosodium Glutamate) know the importance of staying away from stock cubes that contain MSG. Learn how to make your own stock cubes at home.

How to Extract Palm Fruit Concentrate (Banga Extract)

Learn how to extract the concentrate for your Banga Soup/Stew and other soup recipes.

How to Make Dry Bitter Leaf Soft and Fresh

Don’t miss the freshness of homeland Bitterleaf soup ever again.

How to Cook Nigerian Moi Moi with Leaves

Leaves add a special flavour to the Moi Moi and they are 100% natural. Find out how to make the wraps.

How to Cook Moi Moi with Aluminium Foil

These presentable home-made aluminium foil bags cooks Moi Moi fast.

How to cook Nigerian Moi Moi with Bowls

My least favorite Moi Moi container. Use it as a last resort. Find out why.

Virgin Coconut Oil

Here’s how to make the unadulterated virgin coconut oil for your hair, body and coconut oil pulling.

How to Season Tasty Meat

You don’t need all the spices and sesonings in the world to make your beef/chicken taste delicious. 🙂

How to Remove Snail Slime

The detailed explanation on how to remove the slimy substance from snails before using the snails in your Nigerian cooking.

How to Peel Beans

Some Nigerian beans recipes require you to remove the beans coat before preparing the recipes. Learn how to do this.

How to Reduce Beans Bloating

Are you a beans hater because of indigestion? Follow these tips and you will fall in love with beans.

Nigerian Moi Moi Containers

You cannot cook Nigerian Moi Moi without reading this first.

How to Make Starch from Scratch

Make the starch for your Starch Fufu, Spring Rolls Wrappers, even your clothes, at home.

How to Extract Coconut Milk

Be acquainted with this procedure and you will never buy the tinned coconut milk again.

How to Make Suya Spice (Suya Pepper)

Learn how to make suya spice like the suya gurus of Nigeria.

How to Parboil (Precook) Rice

Do you know that how you parboil your rice can influence how your rice recipes turn out?