Stop Saving Stock! Here’s How to Do it Right

how to make beef stock and chicken stock

This is how I make MSG-free beef stock and chicken stock that actually get used. I find that when people remove stock from what they are cooking to “save”, it goes to the bottom of the freezer and never gets used.

How I make Beef and Chicken Stock [Video]

Recipes Related to Beef and Chicken Stock:

I use this method to prepare rich beef stock and chicken stock for use in my dishes that don’t come with their own meat, chicken or fish but I want some beef or chicken flavour in there.

If you’ve been following my videos on YouTube (have you subscribed?), you will know that I am strongly against removing stock from what you are cooking today, to save for a future meal. I speak against that act because not only does it greatly deplete the flavour of the meal you are cooking, it denies you of nutrients too.

When making these special beef stock and chicken stock, I try to keep them as basic as possible so they can fit any meal I will add them to in the future.

Chicken Stock Ingredients

Watch the video below for how dirt cheap chicken bones are.

  • Chicken bones
  • Salt
  • Thyme
  • Onions

Beef Stock Ingredients

Watch the video below for how I get the beef bones for free from my butcher.

  • Beef bone (comes with lots of meat on it)
  • Salt
  • Onions

Directions for making the Beef Stock and Chicken Stock

It’s so easy to make beef stock and chicken stock.

  1. Cut the beef and chicken bones into small pieces, your butcher can do this for you.
  2. Place each in a separate pot, add the ingredients stated above for each (I cut the onions into big chunks).
  3. Then add water to cover them and cook till the meat is falling off the bones, topping up the water when necessary.
  4. When well cooked, leave them to cool down completely.
  5. Separate the bones from the stock and scoop the stock into ice cube trays (see video) for ease of use then freeze.
  6. When frozen, bring them out from the ice cube trays (silicon ice cube trays make this easy) then store in a container.
  7. To use in your meals, just take the number of cubes you need and add to your meal while cooking.

What do I do with the bones (and accompanying meat)? I grill it in the oven and snack on with my family! Yum!

So that’s how I make beef stock and chicken stock the right way, not the one I will steal from what I am cooking today and worse, never use it.