Easiest Way to Peel Beans

easieat way to peel beans for nigerian recipes

There are many ways to peel beans for Nigerian recipes that require beans to be peeled first.

In the video below, you will find the easiest way to peel beans which is similar to rubbing off the skin by hand. But this time instead of rubbing the skin off whole beans seeds, you crack the beans first before soaking. And when you do this, all you need to do is basically wash off the skin and decant.

Watch the video: Easiest Way to Peel Beans [Video]

Freshly peeled beans remains the best beans for preparing Nigerian recipes that require peeled beans. Already peeled beans and beans flour may be convenient but depending on what you are preparing, you will not get the best results with these.

The method of peeling beans detailed in the video below is the Nigerian caterers’ secret that saves them hours and hours. These are people that need to peel beans every single day as they prepare Moi Moi and Akara for their numerous customers.

Nigerian Peeled Beans Recipes

Nigerian meals prepared with peeled beans are enjoyable, so much that even if you do not like beans because it makes you bloated, you will enjoy Nigerian meals prepared with peeled beans. You will not even know they are prepared with the same staple!