Nigerian Yam Recipes

Yam is used to make very fast and easy recipes. This is why it is a popular staple and you are sure to find it in every Nigerian pantry.

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Yam PepperSoup for Parties | Ukodo

A hearty yam recipe that would have people asking for more.

Vegan Yam and Vegetable

A vegan Nigerian meal to add to your family menu.

Yam Balls (Ji Akpurakpu)

Yam Ball is another way to enjoy sweet yam. Click here for the video.

Ji Mmiri Oku (Yam Pepper Soup for New Mums)

This is the special yam pepper soup that Igbo new mothers enjoy right after giving birth. It helps clean up the uterus. This is no ordinary pepper soup!

Yam and Vegetable Sauce (Ji Abubo)

Ji Abubo is one of the most traditional ways to enjoy boiled yam in Igboland. Enjoy!

Yam Pepper Soup

Let’s take assorted meat peppersoup from appetizer level to main course level.

Ji Mmanu (Palm Oil Yam)

This is the normal Ji Mmanu you know, it has been pimped up for special occasions.

Iya Dun Dun Fried Yam

A special recipe for that fried yam that is crunchy on the outside and moist inside.

Nigerian Roasted Yam

Roasted Yam is one of the most popular street foods in Nigeria. Learn how to make yours at home.

Fried Yam

Crunchy fried yam chips goes well with stew and you won’t want to stop eating especially if the yam just got off the frying oil!

Baked Yam and Cheese

A balanced meal and a new way to enjoy yam.

Yam Porridge with Bitterleaf

Traditional Igbo men and women can relate to this classic dish. It's like enjoying Bitterleaf Soup without the swallow.

Yam and Vegetable

This recipe, rich in vitamins, lets you experiment with different leafy vegetables.

Boiled Yam

This easy recipe makes it possible to eat yam with a selection of sauces. Brings so much variety with one staple.

Nigerian Yam Porridge

You need a tasty yam recipe in no time? This quick and easy yam recipe is for you!