Nigerian Desserts

We are not big on desserts in Nigeria. Any desserts we do have we often eat as a snack with a chilled drink. We also serve these desserts to our guests. On this page, I will list Nigerian snacks that make great desserts.

In addition to the desserts listed below, the following Nigerian Snacks make great desserts: Chin Chin, Puff Puff, Rock Buns, Plantain Chips, Fruit Skewers (Fruit Kebab), Coated Peanut (Peanut Burger) and Cakes.

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Nigerian Meat Pie as Dessert

Nigerian Meat Pie with a twist. A great way to jazz up the classic Nigerian snack.

Kankaran Tsamiya (Frozen Tamarind Juice)

The Northern Nigerian licky-lucky for a cold day. You can call it traditional lollipop.

Super Creamy Banana Ice Cream

So creamy! Just like the old skool Wall's Ice Cream. 😉

Nigerian Shuku Shuku

A perfect Nigerian snack and dessert made from coconuts.