Wisdom Of Elders

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It looked like an everyday neighbor relationship, but it was more than that. The Ayenugba family were only three years into their marriage. They were doing well for a young couple: they had a good apartment, well-paying job, and their love was growing in bounds, but they had one concern – they couldn’t figure out the couple downstairs.

The Okafors lived directly beneath them in their one-story building. The Ayenugbas – especially the wife, Yemi – could not figure out how the meals Mrs. Okafor prepared always smelled great. Every night, Yemi waited by her window to sniff whatever Mrs. Okafor cooked. Her husband, Ernest, hated it at first but later got hooked into the daily ritual. It was their dessert after their so-so dinner.

Yemi tailed Mrs. Okafor to the farmers’ market on three different occasions. On each trip, she bought the same things Mrs. Okafor bought. Yet, when she got home and made lunch it was the same as before. Evening came and, as water is wet, Mrs. Okafor’s dinner was exquisite; they could tell from the aroma that serenaded their living room. The Ayenugbas had had enough; they ran downstairs to the Okafors and asked to be let in on the secret.

Mrs. Okafor, still laughing at what Yemi and Ernest asked her, dragged both of them to her kitchen. There they saw it, the proverbial final piece in the jigsaw, the game-changer- Terra seasoning cubes! Yemi’s next meal was so tasty that Mrs. Okafor called her to say that the aroma made her night. Ernest also got in on the action over the next few days; his meals were also top-notch. The Ayenugbas finally caught up with the Okafors in the kitchen, and it further strengthened their relationships as couples and neighbors. All thanks to Terra seasoning cubes.

Terra seasoning cube is made to lock the aroma in; get the taste out during and after cooking to make your food taste richer and sumptuous. Terra suits the requirement of every Nigerian food type.

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