Nigerian Tomato Stew for Grandpas and Grandmas

Nigerian Traditional Tomato Stew For grandpas, grandmas, mothers-in-law and fathers-in-law.

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If you want the Nigerian Tomato Stew that caters to the traditional tastebuds of the senior citizens in your life, this traditional tomato stew recipe is it!

Watch the video: Traditional Nigerian Tomato Stew [Video]

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Nigerian Tomato Stew Ingredients

For the traditional Nigerian Tomato Stew I prepared in the video below, you will need:

  • 7 plum tomatoes
  • 3 sweet peppers /paprika / tatashe
  • 10 lumps of beef
  • Habanero Peppers (to taste)
  • Vegetable oil
  • 1 big onion
  • 1 thumbsize fresh ginger
  • Scented vegetables, any of:
    • curry leaves
    • basil
  • Thyme
  • Seasoning cubes (beef flavour)
  • Black Pepper (optional)

Notes on the Nigerian Tomato Stew Ingredients

  1. The following tomatoes are the best for Nigerian tomato stew because they are not too tangy: Plum tomatoes, Roma tomatoes and Canary Islands tomatoes
  2. For protein you can use beef, lamb or goat meat when preparing traditional tomat stew. You can also use fish.
  3. For oil, it is best to use tasteless and odourless oil for the classic taste of Nigerian Tomato Stew.
  4. Scented vegetables are very important when preparing traditional tomato stew. My first option is curry leaves, if you live outside Nigeria, use basil, the one known as sweet basil. In the video below, I also added cilantro simply because the shop had only one pack of basil the day I went to buy some so I also bought cilantro to increase the amount of green vegetables in the stew.

Tools and utensils you’ll need

The following are some great kitchen equipment I used in preparing the tasty stew:

  • Spice grinder for grinding the spices and herbs to make the best marinade: Buy it in USA | in UK
  • Chopper/Blitzer for blending the onions without adding water, again for the best marinade: Buy it in USA | in UK
  • Blender: Click here for recommendations.
  • Mortar and pestle for the ginger.

Directions for making the Nigerian Tomato Stew

  1. Clean all the vegetables and beef very well with water.
  2. I normally deseed the tomatoes and sweet pepper so they are not showing in the stew.
  3. Chop everything up and blend the tomatoes and peppers.
  4. If you can, grind the thyme and black pepper with a spice grinder for better absorption into the beef.
  5. Pound the ginder in a mortar, add water and sieve to get the ginger juice.
  6. In addition to chopping half of the onion, I also run it through a food processor for better absorption.
  7. Steam the beef with the ground onions, thyme, black pepper and seasoning cubes.
  8. In another pot, boil down the tomato and pepper puree till all the water dries up.
  9. When the beef steams well all over, add some water and cook till done.
  10. Separate the beef ad grill/broil in the oven. You can also deep-fry them. Set the stock/broth aside.
  11. When the tomato puree has completely dried up, heat up some vegetable oil, fry the other half of the onion (sliced) for a bit then add the now boiled down tomato puree and fry till all the tangy taste is gone.
  12. Add the beef stock/broth, the grilled/fried beef, the ginger juice, stir and add some water if the tomato stew is still too thick.
  13. Cover and leave to simmer.
  14. Add the scented vegetables (sliced), add salt if necessary.
  15. Stir very well, cover and once it simmers again, the very traditional tomato stew is done.

Use this traditional Nigerian tomato stew to eat Boiled White Rice, Boiled Yam and many more boiled and fried staples.