My Nigerian Comfort Foods

My number one Nigerian comfort food is Ukwa cooked with very few ingredients with a lot of broth to sip while eating the meal. This basic way of preparing Ukwa takes me back to my long vacation stays with my late grandmother. This simple but flavourful meal reminds me of my childhood spent close to nature, with a drizzle on the tin roofs. This meal is heartwarming even when I as much as perceive the aroma of this special meal. It is very close to my heart and nothing will make me stop eating it.

nigerian comfort food

Nigerian Confort Food

Watch the video below (click here) for how to prepare it the way I like it.

Nigerian Comfort Foods:

The following are more Nigerian comfort foods that I enjoy.

  1. Piping hot Assorted Meat Pepper Soup served with White Agidi and chilled Guinness and Fanta cocktail.
  2. Piping hot Nigerian Agidi Jollof served with chilled Cocacola.
  3. Hot Peppered Puff Puff served with chilled Fanta.
  4. Nigerian Moi Moi served with Nigerian Salad and Fried Plantains and a chilled drink.
  5. Hot Nigerian Okpa, specifically the one from 9th Mile, served with a dead Cocacola.
  6. Nigerian Soaked Garri taken on a hot day.

These are not all my Nigerian comfort foods. Like we say in Igboland, sensible thoughts come hourly so I will keep adding to the list as they come to mind.