Christmas Recipes

The Christmas festive season is here again. The following series of videos contain some festive food and snacks ideas for the season.

Christmas Main Dishes

We always run to rice dishes for our Christmas meals but fufu recipes are popular too. Just make sure there are enough meat and fish in the soups to make them extra special for this special time of the year.

Chickpea Moi Moi

Yes, you can use chickpea, garbanzo beans or simply garbanzo in Spanish to make Nigerian Moi Moi! It makes the perfect festive breakfast, so easy and superfast. You can even prepare it the evening before and warm it up the next morning. Click here for the recipe.

Jollof Stuffed Chicken

This is a special way to serve Jollof Rice this festive season. Click here for the recipe.

Tropical Fried Rice

Let's go tropical with Tropical Fried Rice, the rice recipe for carnivals. Just look at that! The serving screams festivity already.

Smoky Party Jollof Rice

Most people no longer use firewood to cook, even in the villages. I have found the secret ingredient for that Smoky Party Jollof Rice. You are welcome! It is also perfect for if you will be having a party during the festive season. Cook it with Grilled Chicken and serve with: Nigerian Salad, Nigerian Moi Moi, Peppered Gizzards and other Rice Accessories.

Fried Rice

Here's another way that I prepare Nigerian Fried Rice. It's a bit different from the classic Nigerian Fried Rice ingredients and its's delicious!

Roasted Whole Chicken

The No. 1 meal of the season. 🙂

Rivers Native Soup

Rivers Native Soup has all look and flavour of a festive period! With all the seafood competing with each other in this soup, can we just let the fishermen of Rivers State lead the way this season?

Egusi Soup

Egusi Soup is a very popular Nigerian Soup so if you decide to serve a fufu meal, ensure that Egusi Soup is beside it.

Bitterleaf Soup

Serve this soup to an Igbo man on a special day and he will thank you for that.

Plantain Omelette

Impress your relatives this season with Plantain Omelette, the exotic fried eggs.

Side Dishes

These side dishes perfectly complement the main dishes (rice dishes).

Nigerian Rice Salad

Stand out this festive season by serving this special salad. This is the perfect festive side dish as well as a meal in its own right because it is so filling! Click here for the recipe.

Green Vegetable Garnish

A tasty side dish that will pimp up your dishes from 0 to 100 in no time! Goes well with lots of meals, check it out! Click here for the recipe.

Classic Creamy Coleslaw

There is coleslaw and then there is the classic creamy coleslaw. Learn how to make this special salad sibling.

Peppered Chicken

The popping red spicy upgrade for the basic Grilled Chicken. A great addition to your party food!

Catfish Pepper Soup (Point & Kill)

Check out this Nigerian fish pepper soup recipe and discover why you need to start pointing right now. 🙂

Chicken Suya Salad

Try the yummy medemede of Chicken Suya with all the vegetables that go well with suya, in one plate.

Peppered Snail

Peppered Snail is a common feature in Nigerian restaurants and in the Small Chops section at parties. It's too hot to handle!

Bird's Nest Salad

You need to try this one at least once; if not for anything, to get some excitement.


With all those side dishes, who needs a dessert in Nigeria? Serve the following as dessert if your family and guests are asking for more.

Nigerian Meat Pie as a Dessert

This Nigerian Meat Pie with a twist is perfect for every occasion.

Nigerian Coconut Candy

This chewy sweet snack will keep your chins busy after the main meal.

Nigerian Snacks for Christmas Entertainment

These can be used as desserts too!

Coated Peanut (Peanut Burger)

Can you please allow me to introduce Coated Peanuts to you? The snack that will overtake Nigerian Chin Chin on the Christmas platter this year.

Chicken Shawarma

You may be very far away from all Sharwarma Joints this Christmas, make yours in the village.

Nigerian Meat Pie

The Nigerian Meat Pie stores well in the freezer so do not be afraid to make these and serve your guests during Christmas.

Easiest Nigerian Chin Chin Recipe

This the easiest Nigerian Chin Chin recipe ever! Includes how to cut Nigerian Chin Chin fast.

Chicken Pie

Now you can enjoy making Chicken Pies in your home.

Peppered Puff Puff

Add some zing to your Christmas Puff Puff this year. Remember, there will be harmattan ooo!

Drinks for Christmas Entertainment

Nigerian Chapman Drink

Get the chance to mix your first cocktail drink with the Nigerian Chapman. 😉

Strawberry Milkshake

A milkshake is a heavy creamy drink that is often used as a dessert. See how to make one with strawberries.

3 Detox Water Recipes

It's cleansing time! Serve up colourful water this festive season so you can hydrate and detox at the same time. Click here for 3 of my favourite detox water recipes and why I drink them.

Prepare Yourself for the Christmas Season

All Nigerian Recipes Cookbook

The All Nigerian Recipes Cookbook is your best friend this Christmas holidays! Make sure you do not travel without it. 🙂

How to Become a Better Cook

Improve you cooking skills because lots of people will be tasting your meals and judging your cooking skills this Christmas season.

Top 10 Kitchen Tools

You will be preparing a wide range of Nigerian food recipes this festive season. Do you have all the kitchen tools you will need? Find out the most important tools to have in your kitchen.

Nigerian Food Ingredients

Know your Nigerian food staples and the different recipes you can prepare with them so you can make a comprehensive Christmas shopping list.

Enjoy the festive season and stay safe!