Prepare Nigerian Egusi Soup with 5 Ingredients

nigerian egusi soup with 5 ingredients

Nigerian Egusi Soup with Semolina Fufu

What is a Nigerian 5 ingredients recipe challenge without a Nigerian soup recipe? 😀 Nigerian soups are known to require a lots of ingredients. The meat and fish alone make up for about 8 ingredients. So I added one Nigerian soups to the list and non other than the popular Nigerian Egusi Soup made it.

Click here for Nigerian Egusi Soup prepared with all the possible ingredients. And click here for why I am doing this challenge of preparing Nigerian meals with only 5 ingredients.

How to prepare Nigerian Egusi Soup with only 5 ingredients [Video]

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Nigerian Egusi Soup Ingredients

As with these 5 ingredients recipes, I do not count the following:

  • The main ingredient, in this case egusi seeds
  • Salt
  • Water

The 5 ingredients:

  • Stock fish (original dry cod)
  • Peppers (sweet and habanero)
  • Crayfish
  • Red Palm Oil
  • Bitter leaves

Notes on the Ingredients

  1. Original dry cod is full of flavour and is the perfect match for Egusi Soup.
  2. Bitter leaves are my favourite vegetables for Egusi Soup. You can also use Nigerian pumpkin leaves (ugu) or Spinach. Watch the video below for more insight.

The following is/are the ingredient(s) I missed when I tasted the meal.

  • Absolutely none!

This soup was so tasty, just the way I like it.

Come into my kitchen as I prepare this meal, watch below: