My Husband’s Favourite Nigerian Soup

favourite nigerian soup

If you follow me on my YouTube Channel: Flo Chinyere, you will know that I travelled to Nigeria recently. Not the Christmas trip ooo, I was in Nigeria again in May so I brought back a lot of goodies a.k.a. Nigerian food ingredients, including fresh ones.

We may prepare the diaspora version of Nigerian soups but let’s face it, nothing beats Nigerian soups prepared with fresh Nigerian ingredients, the real deal, straight from the farm ingredients.

So when I came back, the first thing I did was to prepare my husband’s favourite Nigerian soup: Edikang Ikong Soup with ugu and water leaves straight from Nigeria. This is the first time I am bringing these vegetables from Nigeria. I normally bring oha, scent leaves and uziza leaves. This time I wanted to surprise my husband with this soup so I brought ugu and water leaves. Though some of them went bad due to the last minute flight cancellation I experienced, click here for the story, enough of these vegetables were still ok to be used in preparing my husband’s favorite soup. It was a delicious surprise for him.

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Watch the video below for how I prepared this special soup.