Achi Soup with Oha Leaf

achi soup with oha

Achi Soup with Oha

Achi is a very effective thickener for preparing Ora (Oha) Soup, Bitterleaf Soup, Ofe Owerri and all soups where cocoyam is used as thickener.

Achi Soup with Oha [Video]

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Achi Soup Ingredients

  • Assorted meat
    • Beef
    • Shaki (cow tripe)
    • Ponmo (cow skin)
  • Assorted dry fish
  • Oha leaves
  • 2 tablespoons powdered achi thickener
  • ¼ cup red palm oil
  • ¼ cup ground crayfish
  • 1 teaspoon ogiri Igbo
  • 2 seasoning cubes
  • Yellow habanero pepper to your taste
  • Salt to your taste

Directions for making the Achi Soup

  1. Cook the meats with the seasoning cubes till done.
  2. If you are using stockfish, you can cook it with the meats, see video below for the type of stockfish that I use. It has the same cooking time as beef and shaki.
  3. While that is cooking, pick the oha leaves and tear them up with your finger tips. See video below.
  4. When the meat and stockfish are done, add dry fish (if you are using it, soaked, deboned and broken into pieces).
  5. Boil for a bit and add crayfish. Please note that at this time, I had about 1.5 litres (1.5 quarts, 6.5 cups, 1/3 gallon) of meat and fish stock in the pot. This is the quantity of liquid the stated quantity of achi thickener can thicken.
  6. Mix the achi thickener with some water to bring it to a medium consistency, see video below.
  7. Add ogiri Igbo, yellow habanero peppers (pounded in a mortar or chopped with a knife), the mixed achi thickener and palm oil.
  8. Cover and cook for about 7 minutes, stirring it often so it does not stick to the pot.
  9. Add the oha, stir and add salt to your taste.
  10. Take it off the stove and transfer to a cool container immediately so the oha does not darken.

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