How to Cut Chin Chin Super-Fast

easiest way to cut chin chin

Making Nigerian Chin Chin in the Village

There’s an Igbo saying that igwe bu ike which means that more hands make light work. Last Christmas I was in the village. If you missed the series on my YouTube channel, click here. It was fun! Village life is fun but village life during Christmas is much more fun. With the harmattan breeze blowing in full force last Christmas in Nigeria, I did not want the season to end.

As is in the constitution lol, we made Christmas Chin Chin! And with so many Children in the village for Christmas, they were fighting over who would cut the Chin Chin. All the Chin Chin were cut in no time and finished in no time too.

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There were also fights as the children queued up to receive their shares of the Chin Chin. Watch the video below to see how many hands can help you cut Chin Chin super fast. It’s a community effort indeed. Watch the video below to catch up.