How to Preserve Yam, Plantain and Potatoes

how to preserve yam, plantains, potatoes

How to Preserve Yam, Plantains, Potatoes

Yams, plantains and potatoes are popular starchy staples. You can easily buy these especially yams and plantains in Nigeria. But outside Nigeria, not only are these not readily available, they are very expensive when you do see them. Some people drive for hours just to go and buy yams hence they buy it in large quantities for good journey management. And for some reason, yams go bad so easily in temperate regions. is it the cold? Your sister does not know. So what happens to those boxes ouf yams that cost so much? they go bad if not well preserved. What a waste of time, money and gas. That’s more money wasted, right? 😀

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Potatoes are readily available all over the world but if you have any reason whatsoever to preserve or food prep potatoes, the procedure detailed in the video below will work with potatoes too.

These procedures are not just for food preservation, they are for food prep purposes too. Just imagine not having to do any peeling and cutting on the day you will prepare the meal, that’s bliss!

Watch the video below to see the procedure.