My “almost miserable afternoon fetched me luck twice”

‘This weather these days is so unbearable, I really don’t understand why it is this intense, I just feel the sun is angry at us …’ These were my exact thoughts as I stepped out of the office during my 1-hour break to get a cool drink to chill out with.

The journey to the store seemed like it wasn’t going to end, and by the time I got to the store, I was soaked with sweat and to make matters worse, it dawned on me that I left my wallet at the office. I felt like bursting into tears. ‘How can I go back under the hot sun empty handed?’. I looked up, left and looked right hoping for a breakthrough of some sort from the roof or around. Close to giving up, I searched my pockets and by sheer luck, I found two rough N200 notes. I faintly remembered that it was my change from the bus conductor earlier in the morning.

Now that the money bit was slightly settled, I moved confidently, searching the shelves for the right drink, knowing I had just N400 on me. As luck would have it, I got struck by the red tag on the FreshYo bottles. Lo & behold … the price of FreshYo on-the-go pack (400ml) was mentioned as N200 on the packs!!!. When I asked the shop attendant, she told me that as part of the FreshYo Mega Festive Promo, the price of the 400ml PET bottle has been slashed from N250 to N200 for the festive period. This meant I could now conveniently buy 2 bottles of FreshYo on-the-go pack with the money I had on me. This was a great relief for me and a happy moment … but wait a minute, suddenly I remembered Remi; my colleague at work, who had asked me to get her a drink (being her usual norm to always ask!). I ended up buying two bottles of the FreshYo on-the-go pack (400ml) at N200 each so I can enjoy one FreshYo bottle all alone and give the other bottle to Remi. She will be very interested as FreshYo is her favourite beverage and maybe I could use that to express some feelings to her.

While walking back to the office, the weather didn’t change much, but the satisfaction of money well spent, and the FreshYo bottles in my hands made the heat bearable and the journey almost enjoyable. I almost couldn’t wait to get to the office before drinking the FreshYo yoghurt!