How to Make Ogiri Igbo

how to make ogiri igbo

Ogiri Igbo

Ogiri Igbo is the most pungent, most traditional Nigerian ingredient ever but when you add it to the meal it is perfect for such as:

that Igbo person you are preparing the meal for will love you more and will appreciate it.
Ogiri is traditionally prepared with castor seeds, see image below.

castor seeds

Castor Seeds

But in the video below, I will show you how to prepare Ogiri Igbo with egusi seeds and ground egusi. This means you can prepare this anywhere you are in the world. You can buy egusi where you live, can’t you? I believe you can even if you live at the end of the world. lol

It is better to watch the video below to see the procedure very well because words can’t do this making of Ogiri Igbo much justice. Watch below.