Popular Nigerian Drink: Soaked Garri (Asoki) for Hot Days

The best way to describe Soaked Garri is that it is a gruel prepared from a by-product of cassava, garri. When we want to enjoy Soaked Garri, we say “I want to drink Garri” but Soaked Garri is not liquid, it has the consistency of oatmeal. It is usually taken in the evening on a hot day. But people are known to soak garri at any time of the day whenever they feel like. It is so filling that it can pass as a meal too.

Soaked Garri is very popular amongst boarding school students (high school) with most students picking soaked garri over cereals like corn flakes. University students and any other person can enjoy this too. I love me a bowl of a balanced diet Soaked Garri on a very hot day because it cools the body from the inside.

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nigerian soaked garri

Nigerian Soaked Garri

Recipes Related to Nigerian Soaked Garri:

If you have diabetes or any other health condition with a risk of spikes in blood sugar levels when you consume carbohydrates, please Nigerian Soaked Garri is not for you.

nigerian soaked garri ingredients

Nigerian Soaked Garri Ingredients

Nigerian Soaked Garri Ingredients

Watch the video below for how to know the perfect quantity of each ingredient for you.

  • Garri
  • Peak Milk Powder
  • Roasted Peanuts
  • ½ teaspoon sugar
  • Grated coconut

Nutrients in Nigerian Soaked Garri

Contrary to popular belief that Garri is not a balanced diet here are the major nutrients found in a complete bowl of Soaked Garri.

  • Garri: carbohydrates and fibre
  • Peak Milk Powder: protein and calcium
  • Roasted Peanuts: protein and fats
  • Sugar: carbohydrates
  • Coconut: Fats and fibre

Notes on the Nigerian Soaked Garri Ingredients

  1. Garri is made by processing cassava tuber. The cassava tubers are peeled, ground and dry fried or roasted in a pan till dry to get Garri.
  2. Garri can be purchased in Nigeria and African food stores in most parts of the world. Wherever there is a large African community, you are sure to find Garri there.
  3. Peak Milk Powder used in the video below is available in African Food shops. There are some that come in tins. Just show the shopkeeper the video and they will know what you want.
  4. Sugar is associated with a lot of health risks so use sparingly.

More information on Soaked Garri

  1. Soaked Garri has been linked to deterioration in eye sight with some people saying that they get itchy eyes right after drinking soaked Garri.
  2. Eye professionals have debunked this link to a large extent with some saying that the people affected may have diabetes. That the garri and sugar are probably spiking their blood sugar levels hence affecting their eye sight.
  3. Cassava, which Garri is made from contains cyanide. There’s also a possibility that some people are reacting to the cyanide in Garri. Cassava is well processed to get Garri. The several processes that cassava passes through to become Garri should remove all traces of cyanide making it safe for human consumption. Maybe some people react to even very tiny traces of cyanide. So this is something to be aware of. Click here and click here to read a post on Facebook about this.

Watch the video below for how to make yours.