Easy Way to Calculate Calories in Your Meals

When you have the body you love and when you are in good health, you do not really need to care about the amount calories that go into your body per day.

But when you want to lose weight, gain weight or when a doctor, nutritionist or dietitian places you on a specific diet with strict calorie counts, you will need to know how to manually calculate calories to ensure you adhere to the strict calorie regimen.

Learn how to count the calories in your everyday meals, recipes you rustled up on the whim.

How much is the Basic Calorie Counting eBook?

₦5,000 (Five Thousand Naira) payable by bank transfer for those in Nigeria.
€10 (Ten Euros) payable by PayPal for those outside Nigeria.

If you need the ebook and video demo, send an email to ebook@allnigerianrecipes.com with the title: Basic Calorie Counting eBook.