Do You Know How to Make Custard?

how to make custard

Watch the video: How to Make Custard [Video]

I asked the above question because Custard, Akamu/Ogi and Semolina Fufu are the top three meals that most Nigerians are afraid to prepare. These are so basic, only require two ingredients each but they have been known to give people anxiety especially during large family gatherings.

One Aunty: “Ngozi come and make Akamu for us.”
Ngozi: starts shivering

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There is ‘how to make custard’ and then there is ‘how to make custard the Nigerian way’. That’s where the difficulty comes in.

Ingredients for making Custard

  • Custard Powder
  • Water (Hot and Cool)
  • Peak Evaporated Milk (Peak Milk)
  • Sugar or Honey (to taste)

Notes on the Ingredients

There are two parts to making custard: the mixing part and the “making it” part. The following are important points to not on the ingredients so that your custard making experience will be smooth.

  1. The water you use to mix the custard powder should be cool water that is, room temperature water or ambient temperature water. Watch the video below for a demo.
  2. The water you will use to make the custard after mixing should be boiled water, water that reached 100 degrees Celsius (212F).
  3. Evaporate milk is milk that has been made more concentrated by removing some water from it through the process of evaporation. The Peak brand is the best for custard and akamu/ogi. If you do not have evaporated milk, you can mix Peak Powder Milk with warm water as shown in the video.
  4. You need to sweeten the custard because it has a bland taste. You can use either sugar or honey. I prefer taking custard with sugar.

Watch the video below so you can show custard who is boss.