Prepare Nigerian Moi Moi with 5 Ingredients

nigerian moi moi with 5 ingredients

Nigerian Moi Moi

Nigerian Moi Moi is the recipe that I have always shouted from roof tops that it suffers from too much ingredients. In Nigerian pidgin we say that over-ingredients dey worry am! I’m trembling thinking about all the ingredients that I have seen people pack into Nigerian Moi Moi, so much that it loses its classic taste.

Click here for the Full Option Nigerian Moi Moi which is not quite different from this one to be honest because I don’t like packing too much ingredients into my Nigerian Moi Moi anyway. And click here for why I am doing this challenge of preparing Nigerian meals with only 5 ingredients.

How to prepare Nigerian Moi Moi with only 5 ingredients [Video]

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Nigerian Moi Moi Ingredients

As with these 5 ingredients recipes, I do not count the following:

  • The main ingredient, in this case beans
  • Salt
  • Water

The 5 ingredients:

  • Crayfish
  • Peppers (sweet and habanero)
  • Nutmeg
  • Vegetable Oil
  • Onions

Notes on the Ingredients

  1. The sweet pepper gives the Moi Moi its classic peachy colour.
  2. In my opinion, without nutmeg, Nigerian Moi Moi is just a bland pudding!

The following is/are the ingredient(s) I missed when I tasted the meal.

  • None!

Yes, the Nigerian Moi Moi prepared with the above ingredients was perfect.

Watch the video below to see how I did that. This recipe is better seen in the video than explained in writing, watch below: