Nigerian Recipes Prepared with ONLY 5 Ingredients

On my YouTube channel (search Flo Chinyere on YouTube), I often get comments from my viewers that the number of ingredients we use in Nigerian recipes can be intimidating. Some people told me that it is so overwhelming that as soon as I start panning on the ingredients I laid out on my kitchen counter (like I normally do at the beginning of my recipes videos), they give up on ever preparing the recipe.

nigerian recipes prepared with only 5 ingredients

I switched on my non-Nigerian eyes and on a closer look, I found that this observation is spot on. If I were not Nigerian, I will also not be keen on preparing some of our recipes. We prepare out meals from scratch, with no pre-prepared ingredients like sauces you can just add, this means that we have lots of ingredients to start with. Whereas for a western meal, they may have a sauce and the staple food which looks easier because the sauce counts as one ingredient while for ours, one would have to lay out about 8 ingredients used in making the sauce.

So I took on the challenge to prepare some of our recipes with ONLY 5 ingredients. I chose the number 5 because 5 is a good number. 😀 I also wanted to be strict so that each ingredient that makes the list would prove beyond reasonable doubt that it deserves to be there. I intentionally chose to subject recipes that normally require lots of ingredients to this test.

It was so much fun choosing the ingredients. I kept racking my brain and changing my mind on the ingredients. I would choose some ingredients but on the day I made the video, I changed my mind last minute and quickly replaced them with others that had a better reason to be there. 😀

Please note that the ingredients I chose are what I believe would make meals that appeal to my tastebuds. You can try these recipes and see if you like them. If you want to take on this challenge, feel free to choose your own 5 ingredients.

For the purpose of this challenge, I did not count the main ingredients, salt and water in the list of the 5 ingredients. Counting these would be too strict and no delicious meal can come out of that. 😀 Remember, the aim is to prepare these meals with only 5 ingredients and still get delicious results that taste like these meals prepared with lots of ingredients.

Click the titles or the images of the recipes below to go to their respective pages.

1. How to prepare Nigerian Abacha with only 5 ingredients

In my Full Option Abacha recipe, I prepared Abacha with more than 10 ingredients! Click the image to see me prepare it with only 5 ingredients.
abacha (african salad)

2. How to prepare Nigerian Moi Moi with only 5 ingredients

I see many people prepare Nigerian Moi Moi with many ingredients which I have always seen as unnecessary, this challenge confirms my beliefs.
nigerian moi moi with 5 ingredients

3. How to prepare Nigerian Smoky Party Jollof Rice with only 5 ingredients

What is that secret ingredient that give Nigerian Jollof Rice the smoky flavour? With social media, we add whatever we see other people add in the quest for the smoky flavour with firewood. I may have accidentally discovered the secret in this challenge. Click image to find out.
nigerian jollof rice with 5 ingredients

4. How to prepare Nigerian Fried Rice with only 5 ingredients

Fried Rice is another one of our recipes that comes with a long list on ingredients as we try to make that one that is most appetizing. You don’t need lots of ingredients to get your Fried Rice popping!
nigerian fried rice with 5 ingredients

5. How to prepare Nigerian Egusi Soup with only 5 ingredients

This challenge will not be complete without a Nigerian soup! Nigerian soups are notorious for requiring lots of ingredients, so much that by the time to finish counting all the meat and fish, we are already at number 8!
nigerian egusi soup with 5 ingredients