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Preparation and Use of Moi Moi Containers.

Moi Moi, a beans recipe, is a Nigerian food recipe that cannot be cooked directly in a pot or frying pan. The moi moi mix is usually put into containers or holders. These containers are then placed in a pot containing water and cooked indirectly. There are 3 well known moi moi containers. These are:

aluminium foil for moi moi

Aluminium Foil Bags

Cooks Moi Moi fast in presentable home-made bags.

uma leaves

Uma (Thaumatococcus Daniellii) Leaves

Similar to cooking Moi Moi with banana leaves, this adds a special flavour to the Moi Moi and is 100% natural. Find out how to make the wraps.

cook moi moi with plastic bowls

Small Plastic/Aluminium Bowls

My least favorite one. Use it as a last resort. Find out why.

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