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How to Make Garri (Eba)

garri or eba

Garri is a major fufu recipe in Nigeria. It is processed from cassava.

I am not sure where the word Garri originated from but something tells me that it is derived from the Hausa word for grain: garin. In its grain form, the staple is referred to as Garri (or Gari in other West African countries). After preparation, when it is in dough form, it is referred to as Garri or Eba. Garri/Eba is served with all Nigerian soups.

There are 3 ways to enjoy Garri:

  1. You can chew the Garri grains. Yes it is Ok to chew the grains straight out of the pack because Garri is roasted processed cassava. Chew it with groundnuts (peanuts), coconut or palm nuts. You're welcome :)

  2. You can add cold water, sugar, milk, groundnuts (peanuts) and drink it like cereal.

  3. Prepare it like in the video below, make small lumps of it, dip in any Nigerian soup and swallow.

See how to prepare Garri in the video below.

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