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Nigerian Food Recipes

Here are some popular Nigerian food recipes. There are many more appetizing Nigerian meals on this website. Enjoy!

Nigerian Cooking Resources

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All Nigerian Recipes Cookbook is now available on the Nigerian online shop, Konga. Konga delivers to every city in Nigeria.

Recently Added/Updated Nigerian Food Recipes

ji mmanu

Ji Mmanu (Palm Oil Yam - Special Edition)

This is the normal Ji Mmanu you know, it has been pimped up for special occasions.

Using Flour as Thickener in Nigerian Soups - Best Practices

Using Flour as Thickener in Nigerian Soups

Here's how to use flour as thickener in Nigerian Soups instead of pastes. This is perfect if you cannot buy cocoyam corms (for Bitterleaf Soup or Ora Soup) or yam tubers (for Nsala Soup) where you live.

Mixed Vegetables Curry Sauce

Mixed Vegetables Curry Sauce

My go-to vegetables sauce! Perfect for boiled white rice but feel free to use it for boiled potatoes and boiled white yam.

Jacket Moi Moi

Jacket Moi Moi

Another way to wrap Nigerian Moi Moi. For the lazy bones! ;)

cassava fufu

How to Cook Cassava Fufu (Akpu)

Cassava Fufu is seen as the most traditional of all Nigerian fufu meals. Most current generation babies do not even know what it is.

extrac cassava fufu from cassava tubers

How to Extract Cassava Fufu from Cassava Tubers

Click through to see how to process Cassava Fufu from cassava tubers (yuca). You can do this in any country where you can buy cassava tubers.

nigerian meat pie

Nigerian Meat Pie: Your Questions Answered

Do you still have a few nuts and bolts to tighten before your Nigerian Meat Pie gets to that level of greatness you would like for the festive season? Watch this video and get that question answered.

tomato stew

Fry Your Best Tomato Stew this Festive Season

Do you find preparing Tomato Stew challenging? This video will help you prepare the best Tomato Stew that will make your Beef & Chicken Stew, Jollof Rice, Spaghetti Surprise etc come to life.

vegan nigerian tomato stew

Vegan Nigerian Tomato Stew

Oil-free, salt-free Nigerian Red Stew recipe written by a lady who is having successes making these delicious Nigerian meals healthier.

Vote for your Favorite Nigerian Food

Due to the diversity of Nigerian food recipes, we often have many different ways of preparing one staple food. It is common to hear the question: Fried Rice or Jollof Rice? at parties. In Nigerian restaurants, the question: which soup? often follows a request for a fufu recipe.

So which Nigerian recipe, Nigerian food or Nigerian ingredients do you like best? Vote here

All About Nigerian Food

Nigerian food is essential to Nigerian culture. It defines the Nigerian people. This is why wherever we find ourselves; we are ready to eat our food daily without being bored one bit.

We prefer to eat Nigerian food in any country we find ourselves in. This is because we never feel fulfilled if we do not eat correct Naija food from homeland. The so called Oyibo food is not satisfying for an average Naija person!

In Nigeria, eating out is becoming more common these days but usually people eat at home. This is why it is essential that we all know how to cook these meals, especially the female folk. And with Nigerian men increasingly getting closer to the kitchen, cooking Nigerian food is now for all.

Read through the recipes. Learn the ones you do not know. Add to what you know when you see a familiar recipe. With Nigerian food, there are many ways to skin a cat. You never know, you can pick up a tip or two.

Don't forget to join us on Facebook where you can have fun with other Nigerian food lovers, ask me anything about Nigerian food and get some random cooking tips.

Nigerian Food & Ingredients

Nigerian food consists mainly of rice, yam, plantain and beans. These are prepared and eaten with the various soup and stew recipes. They can also be prepared in jollof or porridge form.

The most common Nigerian food eaten in homes are fufu recipes. These are food you swallow without chewing them. You make a lump of the food, dip the lump in the soup or sauce and swallow. They include Cassava Fufu, Pounded Yam, Garri (Eba), Amala and Semolina. They are eaten with the Nigerian Soups recipes. Most Nigerian families boast of eating at least one fufu meal a day.

Rice is also a popular Nigerian food but is reserved for special occasions. You are sure to see rice recipes served at Nigerian weddings, street parties popularly known as Owa mbe, funerals and birthday parties. Most families eat rice on special days of the week such as Saturdays and Sundays.

Nigerian Food Articles

grilled chicken

How to Season and Grill Chicken

Deep-frying chicken is a no-no if you want to eat healthy, learn how to prepare your chicken without frying. Includes video.

image of beans without coat

How to Remove Beans Coat

Some Nigerian beans recipes require you to remove the beans coat before preparing the recipes. Learn how to do this.

pots and pans

How to Care for your Pots and Pans

The pots and pans that hold your food need tender loving care too. Learn how you can make your pots last and last and last.

kitchen tools

Top 10 Kitchen Tools

These are the top 10 kitchen tools you will always need in your kitchen. They are simple basic kitchen tools yet so useful.

better cook

How to Become a Better Cook

Learn how to become better at what you already love doing and impress your friends with your new-found culinary skills.

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